Workshops and Trainings

(Offered to health and social service agencies, schools, and companies)


Vera Heller offers creativity workshops and trainings for health professionals and psychotherapists, team-building sessions for work teams, and art workshops tailored to the needs of school boards.


Team-building workshops: Bring to the workplace a sense of enjoyment and self-expression, promote more harmonious relationships between team members, and develop a better sense of belonging to a team.

School board workshops: Improve students’ relational capacities; promote tolerance, respect, and self-esteem.

Training workshops for helping professionals: Bring a more innovative and creative dimension to your professional work.


For many years Vera Heller has worked with youth, families, and immigrants in social work agencies (CLSC) and community organizations in Quebec City and the greater Montreal area. She has utilized the creation of murals as a means to enhance youth’s capacity for teamwork and diminish violence. In her doctoral project entitled “Exile, Identity, and Creation”, she synthesized her experience as an art therapist, social worker, and fine artist through research that explored immigrant women’s appropriation of their identities through artistic expression. As a counselor for the Employees’ Assistance Programs (EAP) she has acquired an in depth knowledge of the psychological issues related to the work milieu. She integrates her professional experience within the trainings, which she adapts to the needs of professionals and institutions seeking her services.